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Anuncios de Bien Público

Last summer, we had a group of villagers thinking ideas and creating their own videos for an Anuncio de Bien Público or PSA. The idea was for them to create conciencia about topics related to El Lago del Bosque and how to make a better comunidad in the village. Let’s see their consejos!!

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El Choripán

The choripán is one of the most traditional Argentinean dishes, int-591407specially in Cordoba city. The traditional choripán is made with pan, bratwurst cooked in the grill and delicious sauces called “salsa criolla” and “chimichurri”. This weekend the World Choripán Festival is celebrated in Córdoba, el Festival Mundial del Choripán it’s intended to celebrate the work of the “choripaneros” (the makers of the meal) and the choripán as one of the most traditional elements of the Argentinean cuisine.
The highlight of the festival will be the “choripán gourmet”, special variations of the choripán. For example chorizos made with mushrooms, and covered in homemade bread with queso, tomates and salsa criolla. Or choripán inspired in the arabic food using kebab meat, parsley and arabic spices.

Want to taste this delicious comida? Come to El Lago del Bosque and learn how to do it yourself!!


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Tertulias presentan la comida

One of the Tertulias (small Spanish learning group) from last verano, learned about profesiones and which would be their dream jobs in the future. Using all this information they created this presentación de comida where they explain what they want to do.

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Spanish Scholarships Available!

Concordia Language Villages is pleased to announce that scholarships to attend El Lago del Bosque are still available. All applications must be submitted by February 28, 2014. More information regarding scholarship requirements, including scholarships only available to El Lago del Bosque villagers is available at www.ConcordiaLanguageVillages.org/Scholarships.

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Gloria Estefan y Wepa

Let’s keep learning “bailes de línea” from last summer. Gloria_Estefan_1

Here we have “Wepa”, a song created by the popular singer Gloria Estefan. She is a Cuban-born American “cantante”, songwriter, actress, and entrepreneur. She is in the top 100 best selling music artists and is the most successful crossover performer in “música latina” to date.
Curious about the meaning of Wepa? it’s just an “expresión de júbilo” said by the boricuas, people born in Puerto Rico.




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